I am a nerd

There, I said it.

My superpower is helping techie and non-techie people understand each other.

Practically speaking, I’m a Fractional CTO (think: part time chief technical officer). I specialize in software and data architectures which means I design technical things and lead other people to build them. 

I love finding solutions to big problems specifically in the areas of personal knowledge management, daily-use technology, and self-education. Mix that together with a dash of photography (a huge passion of mine) and that’s what this blog is about.

Writing here is my attempt to contribute to those networks and see what kinds of interesting things happen from when I connect with people who are passionate about these things too (psst…keep scrolling to see what I want to connect on!)

I’ve been in technology since the mid 90s. I’m also a Software Architect for a globally known company though I don’t talk about them specifically here. I started on the design side of things as a graphic designer but ended up moving to coding, then data architecture, followed by software architecture, and finally CTO consulting. (A career without a degree takes you through multiple titles.)

On the personal side

I’m married to my best friend and we have 4 young kids. In mid-2019, we sold our house, cars, and pretty much everything then moved from Dallas, Texas to a tropical island in the Caribbean.

Then a year later, while the world was on fire and under lockdown, we moved back to the US mid-west where we currently live in a rural setting about 10 minutes from a college town.

(I still work full time thanks to the 1 Gig internet speed!)

David Crandall at the beach

( me )

It’s all about conversation

I started writing on this site as a communication point. There are a lot of conversations that I’d like to be part of. It’s one thing to post on Twitter or [[social media of choice]]. But there’s another level when you have your own website and post content for everyone to see. The stakes are higher and I want to be a part of those conversations.

Conversations I would like to be a part of

And some examples:

  • Personal Knowledge Management – Note taking, Roam, Zettelkasten, Drafts app
  • Daily-use technology – iOS apps and automation, personal devices
  • Self-education – Online learning, crowd-sourced learning, + I built my career without a college degree…I’d like to share some of how I did that

For a more in-depth list, check out my Talking Points page. 

I’m also a huge fan of video games, photography (all pictures on this site are mine), videography, and YouTube though I probably won’t devote much time to those topics on this platform. In fact, I have two Twitter accounts because of this.

If you got this far say hi on Twitter or drop me an email! I’d love to hear from you!

Or just jump straight over to my posts to see if we like the same things.