Talking Points

The short version is I like talking about Geeky Tech, Video Games, Memes, Food, Hanging out w/ friends, and movies with at least one of the following four: Aliens, Elves, Magic, or Powers.

But here’s a longer list

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Gaming Culture & News

I love gaming and love a good conversation topics like these:

  • Franchise games: Minecraft, Apex Legends, Zelda, Assassins Creed, Rocket League, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn (and Forbidden West)
  • One-off gems: Control, Death Stranding, Satisfactory
  • Game development and devlogs
  • Unreal Engine and it’s impact on gaming and cinema

Communication & Relationships

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships has always been a significant focus for me. I’m always up for a good conversation about how to foster deeper friendships and understanding community:

  • Understanding interpersonal interactions that lead to meaningful relationships
  • Growing in communication skills
  • Making friends through the different phases of life
  • How food and meals foster deep connection
  • Why we love memes as a method of communication

Technology & Systems Thinking

I’ve been in IT for over two decades. I enjoy conversations about the intersection of technology, efficiency, and problem solving. Some specific areas of interest:

  • Unleashing creative innovation through the use of AI as a tool
  • Enabling meaningful human work through the use of technology
  • Analyzing systems and problems to identify their root causes and figuring out solutions for those things
  • Understanding the root causes and implications of Technical Debt

Personal Development

I’m keenly interested in ongoing personal growth and development:

  • Using technology and information for expertise hacking
  • Identifying and focusing on personal priorities
  • Exploring how Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) benefits us as individuals