Talking Points

The following is a list of topics I find interesting and could stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking about. If we have an area in common, reach out to me via email or on Twitter and let’s nerd out together!


  • Antifragile – Idea that the opposite of “fragile” is not “robust” but something else which gets stronger with stress.
  • Anti-Library – Personal collection of unread books
  • AR – I’m mostly interested in how Augmented Reality can be used for Knowledge Management.


  • Books – Books I’ve read and summarized as well as recommendations.


  • Career – Your career is defined by your desire, your effort, “Luck”, and the opportunities you act on (or don’t act on)
  • Communication – Effective communication creates bonds between people and allow us to be known for who we really are. Poor communication creates barriers and obscures who we really are.
  • Corporate Feudal System – Enabled by top level management not providing leadership in areas of internal processes and priorities. Mid to low lever groups are left to figure out their own form of “government” which leads to fighting over who is right.
  • The Corporation – The corporate organization which encapsulates the working man including all the hierarchy, bureaucracy, and corporate political struggles.


  • Design – Thoughts on Documenting Design / Software Architecture, Design Review, Interfaces as Operating Systems, Technical Debt
  • Discipleship – Inviting someone into your life and pointing them to Jesus
  • Documentation Debt – Old documentation or documentation practices that have become out of date with best practices. Require digging through tons of extraneous information to figure out what is actually being documented.


  • Enneagram – The Enneagram is a personality model defined as nine interconnected personality types
  • Expertise Hacking – Long term SOP for becoming and being perceived as an expert.


  • Important vs Urgent – Decision making paradigm based on the Eisenhower Matrix
  • Interfaces as Operating Systems – Users care primarily about the interface which is reflected in what features they request. Interfaces then become the operating system in their mind and they separate functionality from the backend processing necessary to enable those features. i.e. If they can’t see it, they don’t think about it.


  • Lessons Learned – List of my (mostly) weekly observations about self, work, and whatever stood out to me that week.
  • Live Your Life List – Ongoing version of the bucketlist that you actually work towards doing


  • Memory Verses – Bible verses I’m memorizing
  • Minecraft – Notes on Minecraft including how-tos, map coordinates, etc as well as thoughts on how the game is developing
  • Monthly Recap – Monthly review of of multiple inboxes and notes. Includes links to past reviews
  • MTHFR – Genetic condition that results from poor metabolism of folate due to a lack of working enzyme called Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR)


  • Note Taking – Quality note taking is a discipline of Self Education. And when you start to master it, you reap huge rewards.
  • Notes to Review – List of notes I find that would otherwise get lost or forgotten but shouldn’t


  • The Peter Principle – Concept that people rise to the level of their incompetence
  • Priorities – Thoughts on Important vs Urgent, How to prioritize
  • Problem Solving – Strategies for Effective Problem Solving vs pitfalls associated with Wasting Time
  • Product Management – I have a lot of loose thoughts on this but haven’t written much about it
  • Productivity – Thoughts on Being Productive, Productivity Roadblocks and using your time effectively to achieve the goals you want to with your projects


  • Roam – Thinking tool for the individual (and teams hopefully). Roam – Wishlist, Roam – Tips, Roam – Community Critiques, and Roam Guidelines as well as links to other graphs.


  • Sermon Notes – List of notes from sermons I’ve heard
  • Social Dynamics – Thoughts on Social Equity and The Social Workplace
  • Social Equity – An intangible commodity which exists between people and groups. Helpful to think about as a bank account where people make deposits and withdrawals. Based on the level of social equity, accounts are in the positive or negative and that affects the quality of the relationship. Also, it’s possible that I’m using the wrong term for this concept.
  • Software Architecture – My evolving thoughts on software architecture, the process, how to think about design overall as well as component and data.


  • Take Aways – Personal hashtag I use for highlighting things I’ve learned from a meeting, article, concept, etc.
  • Technical Debt – Big area of interest for me. Mostly fascinated with the psychology that leads to people knowingly repeating patterns that lead to technical debt. Fully believe this is a people problem and requires social solutions to address.
  • Things I’m Interested In – List of topics I’m interested in, enjoy researching, and love talking abou


  • Words I’ve Looked Up – For all those times I search “define “