Hi! I’m David Crandall.

I’m a Software Architect for a globally known company and freelance as a Fractional CTO (i.e. part time CTO) on the side. I’ve been in technology since the mid 90s. I started on the design side of things as a graphic designer but ended up moving to coding, then data architecture, followed by software architecture, and finally CTO consulting. (A career without a degree takes you through multiple titles.)

David Crandall at the beach

On the personal side, I’m married and my wife and I have 4 young kids. In mid 2019, we sold our house, cars, and pretty much everything then moved from Dallas, Texas to a tropical island in the Caribbean (the picture you see here is a quick drive from our house). I still work full time thanks to the amazing internet speed.

I started this blog as a communication point. There are a lot of conversations that I’d like to be part of. It’s one thing to post on Twitter or [[social media of choice]]. But there’s another level when you have your own website and post content for everyone to see. The stakes are higher and I want to be a part of those conversations.

Conversations I would like to be a part of (and some examples):

  • Personal Knowledge Management – Note taking, Roam, Zettelkasten, Drafts app
  • Daily-use technology – iOS apps and automation, personal devices
  • Self-education – Online learning, crowd-sourced learning, + I built my career without a college degree…I’d like to share some of how I did that

I’m also a huge fan of video games, photography, videography, and YouTube though I probably won’t devote much time to those topics on this platform. In fact, I have two Twitter accounts because of this.

All that said, this site is brand new. Like, “started while in Quarantine Life” new. I wish I had more content for you to browse but I’m working on that still. If you got this far though, say hi on Twitter or drop me an email! Would love to hear from you!