My Ugly, First Post

Gotta start somewhere

Let’s get the ugly, first post out of the way.

I have an idea of where I want the writing on this site to go. I have a taste for what I think is good and what I believe to be bad.

But this first post wasn’t going to nail that no matter how long I took to write it.

I’d love to tell you about all the awesome tools I use in my daily life for personal knowledge management. How I simplify my life in ways I see others doing things with too many steps. Or share tips on how I go about teaching my self new things. I want to walk you through the things I like and hopefully show you a new way to do something you like.

But that’s not going to happen in this first post. That’s a ton of pressure and this no first post can make all of that happen.

So instead I’m writing my first post as an ugly, awkward, first post on this site.

This post is an awkward disclaimer

I mean, it’s already ugly, so let’s just make it awkward too.

While writing for this site, I might get excited about telling you the tips about something before I formally introduce you to it. I might assume something is known when I start writing about it only to discover later that no one had a clue what I was talking about.

This is how people talk in real life too. When we’re not exactly sure if someone knows what we know we either overcompensate by starting at the very beginning or we just jump in the middle. It’s rare we start at the exact right place.

And with the benefit of time, I’ll just link things where appropriate so you can benefit from future me while reading something where I started in the middle.

Let’s get to the middle

Once I’ve posted this ugly, first post we’ll be past the beginning and in the middle of things.
It’s much easier to figure out where we’re both at that way.

Granted, this post won’t do much to instill confidence in my skill and knowledge, but no first post will. Hopefully it shows you that I’m willing to make sure we’re communicating effectively regardless of the topic.

Because that is my goal. To communicate. And sometimes communication is ugly before it makes sense.