Hope in the face of the AI Tsunami


In the face of an imminent influx of AI-generated content, I find myself surprisingly eager. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple, albeit counterintuitive: the coming wave of artificial content will be a catalyst for a much-needed shift, driving us back to our human roots and authentic communities.

The coming wave of artificial content will be a catalyst for a much-needed shift, driving us back to our human roots and authentic communities.

The search for content on the internet has become a tedious exercise. Google something and you’re immediately met with a barrage of ads and SEO-generated content vying for the top spot. They’re long-winded, keyword-stuffed pieces that prioritize ranking over delivering value.

Use of AI as a “content generation tool” threatens to exacerbate this issue, drowning us in an ever-growing sea of inauthentic ‘content’.

The Silver Lining

Within the mess lies the silver lining.

This flood could very well be the wake-up call we need, the jolt to break us free from our complacency. For too long, we accepted the internet for what it became – a vast expanse littered with ‘word garbage’, where meaningful human interaction is elusive.

We were content frogs slowly boiling in the waters of an internet growing full of garbage

I remember the days when AOL chat rooms, Geocities, Xanga, and Blogger were the go-to online spaces for connection. They were raw and devoid of filler content. While they facilitated some level of human connection, we wanted more.

Then MySpace appeared. We were enthralled as a species. We flocked to it and made our spaces “ours” and connected with people we’d never met before.

After that came Facebook, then Twitter, and eventually Instagram, TikTok, and all the rest. These platforms promised a space for creativity, mingled with human interaction. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for this promise to dissolve into a mess of advertisements, SEO packed articles, and filler.

The Importance of Private Communities

In stark contrast, private communities which prioritized human interaction above all else have continued to flourish. Well-moderated private forums, Discord communities, and chat groups thrive, highlighting the importance of gatekeeping in maintaining the sanctity of these spaces.

The advent of AI-generated content will continue to reinforce this notion. As we are overwhelmed with auto-generated “content”, it will continue to underscore the need for us as people to retreat into smaller communities for authentic interaction.

The reason I love this is that this movement mirrors our real-world social structures.

Meaningful connections aren’t formed in the middle of a crowd but in the comfort of smaller, intimate groups.

In the face of the impending AI storm, I find hope.

I believe the AI generated tsunami will drive us into the arms of thriving, genuine communities where we are valued as humans, not as advertising targets. The future may seem daunting, but I stand optimistic, ready to welcome the change it brings.

In sum, we shouldn’t fear the incoming AI wave, but rather, see it as an opportunity—a force that will help us reconnect as humans and reclaim the internet’s authentic communal spirit.

The wave is coming, let’s just move further up the beach and hang out together.